domingo, 11 de enero de 2009


before I left my super hiper mega friends prepared my going away party, maby cos they were tired to see me during my last week, or maybe cos they really apreciatted me...ahahahaha.....
C-laad was on charge of all the decoration and coordination, Magali helped her and lend her house for the party!!thanks for that!!!all the people I wanted to be there, did it so the rage couldn't be better!!!the house was full of pictures of me and the drescode was: I hate MJ, I love Troy, lets dress up like her or him and imitate them all night....nwice....long necks and beer sellers helped for the mission and we did the rest!!!, horror picture show dance, street styles, a sleepy c-lad and passed out Rees made us laugh as night to say "see u soon"
thanks to everyone!!!